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June 8, 2017

Beat the Heat: Watering Holes Near St. George

As the temperature inches towards unbearable limits, more and more people are evading the outside world and locking themselves away in a sea of AC. Oddly enough, it seems as though vitamin D becomes a rarity this time of year. 

Rather than running from the sun, embrace it by cooling off in any of St. George's watering holes. You're sure to find relief in these desert oasis's:



Located in Hurricane, Sandhollow offers plenty of opportunity for adventure! Camping, fishing, boating, kayak and paddleboard rentals, and even off-road on the sand dunes adjacent to the lake. 


Quail Creek State Park:

Quail Creek is nestled in a quiet canyon between Leeds and Hurricane. Enjoy the excellent campground and chose to rent paddleboards and kayaks.


Ivins Resevoir:

Unknown to many, Ivins resevoir is a small, family friendly hotspot located next to Kayenta in Ivins.


Gunlock Reservoir:

A bit of a drive for some, but entirely worth it. Enjoy the tranquility of undisturbed land for miles and stunning mountain views.

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May 17, 2017

Preparing to move? Here's a checklist.

With high school graduation coming soon many families are looking to relocate. As summer approaches many of you may be considering a move to St. George, away, or even just around the corner. We all know that moving can be the worst time for some and we always get that feeling of forgetfulness. To appease this stress we have created a moving check list for you. We're going to to break it down for you. 

1. Make a schedule. When you have purchased your home make sure you know the date upon possession. Typically you can move in and take possession of your home "upon closing." Make sure though you check the situation of the current home owner and when you may move in. With the date in mind you can know a week in advanced what you need to pack. Also ensure to change your address at the post office and other needed locations.

2. Make an inventory. Make a list of all your belongings, that way you know what you want in your new home and what you want in storage. Also Categorizing your belongings for you to be able to find things easier in times to come. Also it makes it really nice for the movers to put things in the new home in the right place. 

3. Packing the unnecessary. This includes some of the valuables that are not used on a daily basis. For example the Christmas decorations and the fruit dehydrator. Also it gives you a chance to do some spring cleaning and to get rid of some of the unwanted items in your home. 

4. Contacting the movers. With moving you ought to have a budget. With many different moving methods and companies you must look at your options. Either moving yourself, renting a moving truck, or hiring a company to move everything for you. A good idea if you are considering hiring someone out is to check out different companies and getting different bids and find who you would trust to move your valuables at a reasonable price. I would contact your realtor (me) and I would refer someone I know that does a good job. 

5. Now move. The day has come to move and much is needed to be done. Disassemble your furniture. Pack your clothes. Label your boxes. Empty and clean fridge. It's always appreciated for leaving a clean home. Pack up the truck large items first and fragile items on top and you are good to go. 

Moving days should be an excited time for a new adventure in a new neighborhood. So get ready for those awesome cookies at the door from your new neighbors and if you have a good agent like me then they would come and congratulate you as new homeowners with a treat.  

April 11, 2017

Modern VS Contemporary

We look forward to answering your questions. This was the question for today. I hope this helps you in finding a home that fits your lifestyle. St. George has so many housing options to choose from. Let us be your resource for real estate.
March 31, 2017

The George Fest

What are your plans Friday night? Well, every first Friday of the month St. George hosts a festival in historic downtown called the George Fest. Many come as family, young adults, or even a having a date night have a great time listening to the live band, eating some great food, and learning of the new business' starting locally. If you don't know where this event is then you should know it starts at the Boulevard and makes it's way down Main Street towards town square. I like to call it St. George's block party because they block off the streets for enough room to enjoy the many activities offered. I can't tell you how much fun this event is, you just need to go for yourself with all your friends and family. 

The George Fest is surrounded by many of the well known restaurants and stores. Many people like to get a bite to eat after touring the booths and walking through the many concessions. With Ancestor Square just across the street George's Corner is a great place to sit and dine with a wonderful culture of people and terrific food. If you love Thai food, you can't go wrong with Benja's. Also in Ancestor Square is The Painted Pony, one of your more high class dinning restaurants in St. George which makes it perfect for a date at The George Fest. Some of the other local favorites on Main Street of course are TwentyFive Main, Twisted Noodle, and Riggatti's Wood Fired Pizza. Main Street is full of delicious food and and great customer service. One popular destination for many when traveling through St. George is Judd's Candy Store. Many families have made it a tradition to stop at Judd's and grab some old fashion soda and some classic candy. Some even don't buy candy, but like to read some of the funny old fashion sodas. My favorite is "Looks like orange, tastes like grape." Yes, the drink is exactly the name. There is so much to do at the George Fest in down town. 

Many of the local business' have found great success through the George Fest. It is a great networking opportunity for some and as they meet new people and discuss their business. So even coming out to support the local business' in St. George has become a advantage to the George Fest. Some business' have fun activities for the kids so as you talk with some of the owners your kids may be getting their hands dirty while looking for quarters in a bucket of water and sand. So hey bring your wife, bring your kids, bring your grandparents and have a great time while supporting St. George. 

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March 27, 2017

The Sugar Loaf

Some may be confused when seeing someone refer to the big red rock as the Sugarloaf. That's because when the pioneers first came and settled in St. George they called it the Sugarloaf. They called it the Sugarloaf because many pioneers thought it looked similar to an actual sugarloaf which was kind of like a big brick of sugar they would warm up and serve on a dish at dinner. Of course for our more recent generations we refer to it now as the "Dixie Rock". Without some research I probably wouldn't have even know what a sugarloaf was.Dixie Rock

So if you haven't seen it, it's located in the north end of St. George in Pioneer Park. This is by far one of the most popular places to hike for anyone here in St. George. With a variety of different hikes and picnic areas. As a matter of fact when I was visiting for myself I got to the top of the rock I witnessed a man doing some repel training with his dog. I also witnessed a large amount of elementary school students doing a field trip and eating lunch there. With the great sunshine St. George offers, I can see why a place like this is visited constantly. Teens and young adults love the Dixie Rock to look at the "St. George Ocean" which would surprise anyone that knows there is no ocean in St. George. When in fact if you lay down on top of the Sugarloaf to look upside down over St. George some say the sky looks like an ocean. 

Pioneer park like I said is a great place for some simple family friendly day hikes. My family and I always start by going over the bridge that was built by Aaron D. Adams in 2000. We enjoy the site of St. George and take a few selfies. Then we head down and make our way over to the old home that was built in rock cave by the pioneers. A very unique location for a home in St. George even back then. Then my brother and I's favorite part of Pioneer Park is the narrow passage up to the top towards the small arch. If you're claustrophobic then maybe this park of Pioneer Park you wouldn't like. It's a narrow hike where you must walk sideways to fit between the rock formations. Kids seem to have no problem hiking that one, but adults always seem come back out laughing and say "I couldn't fit!" Still many love hiking the many trails it offers and love looking over sunny St. George.

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March 7, 2017

Sweet Santa Clara

Let me tell you about the wonderful community of Santa Clara. It boarders St. George on the east, Ivins on the north and Federal lands to the south. Dramatic views of the Santa Clara River, the Santa Clara River Reserve, extensive lava beds, vertical sandstone cliffs and Pine Valley Mountain provide spectacular backdrops.The Main Street is lined with mature trees that canopy the road with shade and charm. The few shops along the road are unique as the town. The historical Jacob Hamblin's home is open every day of the week with free guided tours of the home and property. This site is a must see. Every year they celebrate the town historic settlement with Swiss days.

Make sure to stop by Frei's market. They have been selling fresh fruits and vegetables since 1956. Also with it being so close you might as well take a drive through Snow Canyon State Park. It's typically a five dollar entrance fee for a single car, but it's well worth the drive to see the amazing rock flow and you might as well take a short hike or play in the red sand dunes. Along with Snow Canyon near by, just North of Santa Clara is the Tuacahn Amphitheater. It is a destination that must be experienced in Southern Utah. Santa Clara residents just love Tacahn High School and the education it provides. So much is offer in Santa Clara and around it.

Two major parks and several neighborhood parks offer both family and group activity play. You'll find tennis courts, grassy fields, playground equipment, splash pad and several ball fields. Santa Clara received the Most Outstanding Park Award from the National Softball Association and the Baseball Players Association. Schools and the library are within walking distance for most homes.

The people that live in this community compliment the town on the quiet streets, great school and teachers, friendly neighbors and local charm. There are many families who have been here for generations.




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March 7, 2017

Benja's Thai and Sushi is the Best

In the historic down town district of St. George in Ancestor Square there is a delicious restaurant that was home grown. The owner Benja came from Thailand to make St. George her home. She decided to teach people in the community how to make her homemade food from Thailand. Her class was one of the most popular classes and filled up fast. Everyone told her to open a restaurant. She resisted for some time and finally decided. Now we have two amazing Benja's restaurants to enjoy. One in Ancestor Square and the other across from the mall in the plaza. Benja is no stranger to the restaurant. You can see her working and greeting her guests. The food is exceptional and was rated top choice from the locals as the best restaurant in town.

If you're new to St. George or a local and you haven't tried Benja's or any Thai food of that matter you're in for a treat. With a fine dinning experience. Appet
izers are obviously the best start to a great dinning experience. If you're going to the location in Ancestor Square you've got to try their lettuce wraps. You won't see those on the menu on the other side of town. If you're going to either location you can't go wrong with the potstickers. I could eat those dumplings for days on end. While eating the appetizers you could almost stop there, but the experience gets even better. For meals they serve anything Thai from exotic soups to fried rice to sushi. If you like your sushi a certain way they can ustom prepare to what you like. If you're a noodle person then try their Thai noodles, they are the best. Last of course you must save room for the sticky rice mango dessert. This is light and refreshing


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Feb. 22, 2017

Retiring in St. George

Moving away from the cold?

St. George is located in Southern Utah, and 90 minutes North East of Las Vegas Nevada. We have one of the best retirement communities in the nation. We are known for our 300 plus days of sunshine, no snow, diverse landscape and natural beauty that make St. George a wonderful place to live. With three national parks near by and many state parks surrounding make it a place traveled by many all-around the world. The Grand CanyonZion National Park and Bryce Canyon entice people to hike and and enjoy the breath taking scenery. Southern Utah is known for capturing the hearts of many with it's red rocks, white sand dunes, lava formations and snow capped mountains. Many travelers fall in love with multiple golf courses, trailheads, parks and community. They later come to find themselves moving to St. George and enjoying everything it has to offer.

St. George is perfect to settle and get away from the weather. A portion of our residents are called "Snowbirds" and they live her six months out of the year to get out of the snowand enjoy the beautiful climit in southern Utah. St. George is a great community for people looking to retire, but it's not just made up of retirement homes. With four high schools and a fifth being built along with Dixie State University make it a great place to raise a family. With many people coming to retire in St. George we find many giving back to the community. We have so much talent from well known business individuals to highly recommended doctors relocating to hopefully retire in St. George. I speak with gratitude and experience from being a native of St. George and a student at Dixie State University. I have found it as an advantage to be living in the same community as these wonderful people retiring here. 

We have some wonderful events throughout the year. First we have George Fest every first Friday of the month and to name a few more the spring brings the Parade of Homes and the Art Festival. The summer shines with the Rotary Pickleball tournament, Iron Man and 4th of July Celebrations. The fall boasts of Swiss and Peach Days, the St. George Marathon and Huntsman World Senior Games. The winter activities include Red Cliffs Audubon Bird Festivals and the St. George Half Marathon. The city also hosts a movie in the park every month is warmer weather. There really is more and we will fill you in with more details in future blog posts.

Beautiful Downtown Sunny St. George.

We are an art meca for the visual and performing arts. Activities abound at Tuacahn Center for the Arts with broadway shows performed outside under 10,000 foot red rock cliffs and Brigham's Playhouse who shows off local talent. The downtown old movie theatre was restored by the city and hosts performances throughout the year. Kayenta has wonderful hand made art and jewelry shows throughout the year where you get the opportunity to meet the artist. You can find art around every corner being displayed in public areas and in galleries in the historic district of St. George. There are plenty of places to get involved to show off your talents or start a new skill with the many shops that teach. 


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